Top Screen 2014 - DVD


Top Screen 2014 comprises 15 innovative short films including short films, documentaries, music video clips and animations, made by Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Media students in 2013. The films were selected for Top Screen 2014 and screened at ACMI. They were also shown as part of Top Designs at Melbourne Museum in 2014.

Sarah Robertson - Venus and the Shells
Jamie Kerr - Urban Liberty
Cheng-Yee Choe - Journey To
James Embry - The Shaper's Canvas
Ruby Lew - A Day's Work
Will Hayes - Lindsay Park
Nicholas Anthony - Desolation
Riley Muscat - Havoc
Olivia Goodliffe - Same Same but Different
Mary McGillivray - Curiouser
Isabella Peppard Clark - Catharsis
Patrick Verlin - Jenna Farkas
Eliza Hill - Old Friend
Joey Knox - Downhill
Jeannie Psomoulis - Umbra

Region Code: ALL / PAL

Rating: M. Coarse language and violence