Cinema's Baroque Flesh - Hardcover



  • In Cinema's Baroque Flesh, Saige Walton draws on the philosophy of Maurice Merleau-Ponty to argue for a distinct aesthetic category of film and a unique cinema of the senses: baroque cinema.
  • Combining media archaeological work with art history, phenomenology, and film studies, the book offers close analyses of a range of historic baroque artworks and films, including CachéStrange Days, the films of Buster Keaton, and many more.
  • Walton pursues previously unexplored connections between film, the baroque, and the body, opening up new avenues of embodied film theory that can make room for structure, signification, and thought, as well as the aesthetics of sensation.

Pages: 216

Published: 2016

Size (cm): 23.5 x 15 x 2.5

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