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  • Constellations: Mad Max.
  • Constellations provides a unique opportunity for writers to share their passion for science fiction cinema and television. 
  • This monograph examines the considerable formal qualities of Mad Max in detail, including George Miller’s theory of cinema as “visual rock ‘n’ roll” and his marriage of classical Hollywood editing and Soviet-style montage.
  • Taking in everything from the film’s extremely controversial critical reception to its legacy today via a string of sequels and the creation of an entire subgenre—postapocalyptic action—the book is for film students and fans alike.

Too classy and well-crafted to be lumped in with low-budget Ozploitation titles, yet completely unlike other films made during the 1970s Australian New Wave, Mad Max (1979) is a freak picture. Director, George Miller, is arguably the single most important filmmaker in Australia’s history, bringing a commercial and artistic vision to the screen few of his compatriots have ever managed before or since. Mad Max, Miller's directorial debut, is a singular piece of action cinema, one that had a major cultural impact and spawned a movie icon in Max Rockatansky (played by Mel Gibson).


Pages: 97

Published: January 2020

Size (cm): 19 x 14 x 0.5

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