Kitty-Cat Clock Stand


  • Clear acrylic stand
  • Allows the small 12.75 inch Kitty-Cat Klock to be attached and displayed with the tail wagging and the eyes rolling
  • The stand can be placed on any flat surface such as a desk or table in the home or office. Perfect if you don't like or are unable to wall mount
  • Kit-Cat Klock has been frequently seen on screen - in Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Bojack Horseman, Stranger Things, the opening credits of Back to the Future, in Hilda's clock shop in the 1990s TV series Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and much much more!

PLEASE NOTE: NOT for full sized Kit-Cat Clocks.  This stand is designed specifically for Kitty-Cat Clocks, which are 3/4 the size of original Kit-Cat Klocks.

Material: Clear acrylic 

Size (cm): 11 x 12

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