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After 25 years of owning one of Australia’s very first perfumeries - Kleins Perfumery, founder Andrea Birnie decided it was time to create an iconic brand of her own. Kleins was responsible for many firsts and the use of Rennie’s pictures on bath and body care was met with great enthusiasm.

The images of 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s Australia, as captured through the lens of Rennie Ellis (1940 – 2003), are widely regarded as seminal portraits of a country exploring its wilder self. Ellis himself was interested in the offbeat and freedom of Australia in these times. Through his photography, Ellis explored a myriad of subcultures, documenting intriguing characters and a different time in history.

Working closely with the Director of the archives Kleins chose photographic shots depicting panel vans, surfers, and graffiti.