Lindsay Issue 5


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  • Lindsay is an award-winning independent magazine celebrating the importance of different cultures and places around the world
  • In Issue No. 5 we travel to the mountains via the paintings of Etel Adnan, along coastlines wherever waves roll in, and then all over the world through the photographic archive of Lindsay James Stanger
  • We celebrate the history of hair braiding in South Africa, Salasacan weaving techniques in Ecuador, Vedic jewellery traditions and the new sound of Ukraine
  • We meet Cassi Namoda, an artist painting stories of Mozambique; Chinese dancer and choreographer Yang Liping; and Mark Klauber, whose lace-making business is one of the last surviving in New York
  • And we visit a bakery in Tel Aviv, discover the joys of making the anise spirit arak, and spend a summer stretching mozzarella in Italy

Pages: 160

Size (cm): 17 x 24 

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