100 Ideas That Changed The Web - Softcover


"A place that has radically changed the way we work, play, shop, socialize and otherwise participate in society. But above all, a place that is for everyone.” - Jim Boulton

  • This innovative title looks at the history of the Web from its early roots in the research projects of the US government to the interactive online world we know and use today.

  • Fully illustrated with images of early computing equipment and the inside story of the online world's movers and shakers, the book explains the origins of the Web's key technologies, such as hypertext and mark-up language, the social ideas that underlie its networks, such as open source, and creative commons, and key moments in its development, such as the movement to broadband and the Dotcom Crash.

Pages: 216

Published: August 2014

Size (cm): 21 x 17 x 2

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