Between the Scenes - Softcover


"Between the Scenes is an entertaining and damn near exhaustive account of the ways that images and sounds can tie one scene to another ... He also raises ideas I never considered."- David Bordwell, author, Film Art: An Introduction
  • Between the Scenes: What Every Film Director, Writer and Editor Should Know about Scene Transitions. 
  • Between the Scenes delivers a fresh approach to film directing, screenwriting, and editing.
  • Once you've planned out your scenes, this book steps in by shifting your focus to how your individual sequences and scenes connect to each other, through changes in time, place and character.
  • Filmmaker, radio producer, and film scholar Jeffrey Michael Bays has taken what used to be vague instinct and turned it into the primary driving force behind connecting your audience emotionally with your story.

    Pages: 166

    Published: April 2014

    Size (cm): 18 x 28 x 1

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