Blue Blooded: Denim Hunters And Jean Culture - Hardcover


"Whether you want to geek out on the technical details of indigo dyeing, weaving and fabric finishes or discover the true origins of the Osaka Five, or you simply want to figure out how to style and wear your jeans, Blue Blooded provides you with a foolproof overview of our favourite wardrobe staple and trusty twill." - WGSN

  • Jeans are equal parts subculture and establishment.
  • Worn as both work clothes and luxury fashion, they are practically universal.
  • This book contains everything you need and want to know about jeans.

Thomas Stege Bojer is the force behind the online magazine Denimhunters. There, jeans lovers can find product recommendations, care tips, industry news, a well-informed glossary, and much more. He previously worked for a variety of fashion brands as a shop manager and branding specialist.

    Pages: 256

    Published: 2016

    Size (cm): 25 x 3 x 28.5

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