Cinemastrology - Softcover


"Do the stars gaze back?" - Neil Gaiman, Stardust 

  • Picking your perfect flick can be an overwhelming experience. Well, fear not! Cinemastrology answers a question that has stumped even the most avid film buff for over a century: What movie should I watch? 
  • From contemporary comedies to Hollywood classics, from date movies to adrenaline fests, Cinemastrology is your guide to the art of selecting viewing based on your astrological sign. It includes profiles of all the sun signs and offers an extensive list of movie recommendations for each, complete with descriptions, behind-the-scenes stories, and insight into the unique qualities of each sign, from Aries to Pisces.
  • Sections covering the stars that light up the screen and sign-compatible suggestions based on the sign of your partner or film-viewing friend round out Cinemastrology. Getting started is easy! All you need is a birthday and a passion for movies. 

Pages: 240

Published: August 2020

Size (cm): 17 x 22 x 2

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