Lyn Wallis: Elements / Air USB Lamp - Translucent Rainbow Gradient


  • Lyn Wallis is a 3D printing artist and object maker, living and working in regional Victoria. Lyn was an early adopter of domestic 3D printing (2012), and soon became obsessed with both the machines themselves, and the creative frenzy they inspire.
  • All pieces are 3D printed in regional Victoria, using high quality degradable & biodegradable PLA bio plastic. PLA is produced from renewable materials, like corn starch, and is commercially compostable.
  • The lamp is powered by a high quality DC5V mechanism with a 'tap on/off' switch and dimmer. Featuring an attractive 1W bulb, AIR is powered through any USB-A port such as a phone charger, desktop/laptop port or 5V USB hub.
  • INCLUDED: Lamp base, very long-lasting LED bulb and cord (installed)


  • NOT INCLUDEDUSB power supply 

Size (cm): 7 x 10.5 x 15.5

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