Scorsese - Gangster - Adults T-Shirt


Exclusive black t-shirt with "...I always wanted to be a gangster" detailing.

Front artwork: As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster

Back artwork: ACMI logo

Multiple sizes available across two styles. Staple is a traditional loose cut, Wafer is fitted.


Staple S:  47 (body width) x  71 (body length)

Staple M:   52 (body width) x  75 (body length)

Staple L:   56.5 (body width) x  78.5 (body length)

Staples XL: 61 (body width) x  82 (body length)

Wafer S:   43 (body width) x  68.5 (body length)

Wafer M:   45.5 (body width) x  69.5 (body length)

Wafer L:   48 (body width) x  70.5 (body length)

Material: 100% Cotton

Care Instructions: Machine washable at cool temperatures. Do not iron directly on artwork detailing.