Fazeek: Vice Versa Carafe



  • FAZEEK’s VICE VERSA CARAFE - combine elegant, sculptural qualities with functional spheres. The interactive design of the carafe allows the sphere to rest inside the glass-blown mouth or sit playfully inside the base. These one-off pieces can be used as a centrepiece on your table or mantle and also act as the ideal serving vessel.

  • The Vice Versa Carafe holds 1.5litres of liquid.

  • All of the FAZEEK glassware is handmade, which means there can be some variations between pieces. Given the hand-blown nature of the glassware, you may come across some slight differences in shape, colour or finish. It is not uncommon to find some small bubbles or a slight wave in the glassware.

Size (cm): 25 x 15

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