Flipboku - Molecularis - Flipbook



  • Molecularis is a magical colouring flipbook with six different sequences featuring fully animated creatures and shapes. You can colour and animate it in your own style.
  • In addition to having the magical 6-in-1 effect, Molecularis stands out as an interactive flipbook that will allow you to manipulate its six animations frame by frame, by using all kinds of different colouring techniques. Try with watercolours, markers, pencils, technical pens… You name it!
  • Printed in a high quality eco-friendly recycled paper, thick enough to prevent it from spilling to the back pages with any type of ink or watercolour.

And because each sequence is an animated loop, after colouring it you can take pictures of them and create and share an amazing and endless animated GIF of your own creation.

Pages: 180

Published: December 2017

Size (cm): 12 x 5 x 2

Every purchase supports ACMI.

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