Interviews: Wong Kar-Wai - Softcover


  • Collected interviews with the Hong Kong auteur covering every feature film he's directed, from his debut, As Tears Go By, to his 2013 The Grandmaster.
  • Fans and critics alike perceive Wong Kar-wai (b. 1958) as an enigma. His dark glasses, his nonlinear narrations, and his high expectations for actors all contribute to an assumption that he only makes art for a few high-brow critics. However, Wong's interviews show this Hong Kong auteur is candid about the art of filmmaking, even surprising his interlocutors by suggesting his films are commercial and made for a popular audience.
  • Wong's achievements nevertheless feel like art-house cinema. His third film, Chungking Express, introduced him to a global audience captivated by the quick and quirky editing style. His Cannes award-winning films Happy Together and In the Mood for Love confirmed an audience beyond the greater Chinese market. His latest film, The Grandmaster, depicts the life of a kung fu master by breaking away from the martial arts genre. In each of these films, Wong Kar-wai's signature style—experimental, emotive, character-driven, and timeless—remains apparent throughout. 

This volume includes interviews that appear in English for the first time, including some that appeared in Hong Kong magazines now out of print. 

Pages: 222 

Published: October 2018 

Size (cm): 15 x 23 x 1.5

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