Kleins Perfumery - Save the Earth Bath Salts


"Beer has long been the prime lubricant in our social intercourse and the sacred throat-anointing fluid that accompanies the ritual of mateship. To sink a few cold ones with the blokes is both an escape and a confirmation of belonging.” - Rennie Ellis

  • Run a bath, soak and relax with this restoring blend of Epsom and Sea Salts.

  • Enjoy the infusion of Cedarwood, Mandarin and Bergamot.

  • Made in Australia from sustainably sourced, vegan-friendly ingredients.

  • Artwork featured is "Save the Earth" by Rennie Ellis, Carlton circa 1974. 

    This series combines a Australian made products with a Australian talent, taking the audacious, sexy and often shocking photography of Melbourne's most famous social photographer, Rennie Ellis, as its inspiration.

    Size: 200g

    Every purchase supports ACMI.

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