Lil'Stone: John Brett - Set Of 3 Large Stones


  • Lil'Stones & OnStone is a Victorian small business who print photographs and artworks onto reclaimed raw materials that are up-cycled and repurposed to innovatively create a beautiful art piece for your home. 
  • Artwork: The Britiish Channel Seen from the Dorsetshire Cliffs, 1871, John Brett. Tate: Presented by Mrs Brett 1902.

Size (cm): 7.5 x 7.5 x 5

Care Instructions: Lil’Stones are small works of wonder - treat them as you would a snowdome – shake them just don’t drop them. Your Lil’Stones will chip or break when dropped onto an equally hard surface. They've been designed carefully to reduce pressure points, however it all depends on the fall – distance, speed and contact material are all factors. 

Stone is a porous material and can act like a sponge which is why we don’t use extra sealants to adhere the ink to the stone - they bond as naturally as stone and ink can. For extra protection, you can spray a little art sealant on your stone otherwise, avoid dirty hands, inks, oils or sharp objects. 

You can give your Lil’Stones a gentle clean by running warm water over the stone and carefully rubbing with a clean microfibre. Avoid using abrasive cleaners near the image and leave your Lil’Stones in the sun to dry - usually around 12 hours.  

Every purchase supports ACMI.

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