Lovi - Watercolours Set



  • Watercolours are a great way to paint natural wood Lovi products.
  • These colour buttons manufactured by A. Wennström Oy in Finland are long lasting and very rich in pigment. They are also eco-friendly and safe for kids.
  • There are eight colour buttons: 2 x blue (ultramarine and Prussian), 2 x red (cinnabar and carmine), 2 x yellow (cadmium and chrome), white and black. 
  • Comes with a high-quality flat brush for wide and detailed painting. 
  • You will also find an illustrated colour mixing guide in the package. 

Moisten the brush in a drop of water, spin a few turns on the surface of the colour button and paint with your favourite colours. With a wetter brush you can create more translucent surfaces. Reduce water to have a thicker, more opaque paint.  

Package size (cm): 15 x 24 

Every purchase supports ACMI. 

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