Melbourne Dreaming - Softcover


  • Melbourne Dreaming allows you to learn the past and appreciate Aboriginal people's historical, cultural, social and economic contribution to the city
  • It is both an authoritative guidebook with clear maps and travelling instructions but also an alternative social history with stories and images of significant people and events
  • This revised edition of Melbourne Dreaming includes:
    • a variety of landscapes from beaches, parklands, camping places, historical sites, exhibitions, cultural displays and buildings – arranged into seven precincts sites in the city, surrounding suburbs and outer areas
    • historical sites like shell middens, scarred trees, wells, fish traps, mounds and quarries
    • significant sites of colonial contact
    • sites that are the focus of contemporary life
  • Meyer Eidelson created this edition in response to demand, in consultation with the relevant Aboriginal groups. He runs Melbourne Walks

Pages: 256

Published: September 2014

Size (cm): 17 x 24 x 1.5

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