Milk Chocolate With Guwandang (Quandong) & Boombera (Macadamia Nut)


  • Milk Chocolate blended with Guwandang (Quandong) & Boombera (Macadamia Nut), cut into pieces and bagged into a 100g zip-sealed pouch
  • Chocolate On Purpose is a 100% First Nations owned business born on Wiradyuri Country at the source of the Bila Bula (Belubula River), in Millthorpe on the Central Tablelands of NSW
  • Their signature range of chocolate is called 'Bush Food Chocolate', created by combining melt in the mouth couverture chocolate with Australian native botanicals growing on Country
  • Vegetarian & Gluten Free
  • Traditional use: Quandong (Guwandang) was an important food source and considered a suitable substitute for meat - especially when hunting game was in short supply. They were also much valued for their medicinal properties including skin care. Macadamia Nut (Boombera) was important to their diet, being eaten raw or roasted. Oil from the nut was often extracted and used for both medicinal purposes and cosmetic purposes as a base for face and body paints.
  • Modern Day use: Quandong (Guwandang) is highly nutritious containing twice the Vitamin C of an orange. Macadamia Nut (Boombera) contain almost double the amount of monosaturated fats and proteins of almonds. They contain no cholesterol and have even been shown to balance blood cholesterol levels. High in vitamins and nutrients.

Size: 100gms

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (33.6% Cocoa Solids); ; Quandong; Macadamia Nut; Whole Milk Powder; Sugar; Soya Lecithin (emulsifier); Natural Vanilla Flavouring

Allergens: Tree Nut (Macadamia); Whole Milk Protein; Lactose; Soy Proteins; Soy Oil; Cocoa; Vanillin

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