Studio Ghibli - Totoro Image Vinyl



  • For fans of Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki, My Neighbor Totoro hardly needs an introduction. The simple tale of two young sisters that get help with their life struggles from a few surprising creatures, is easily one of the Studio's most touching works. 
  • Again, Joe Hisaishi was tasked with soundtracking the film, but before that happened, an Image Album (not to be confused with the soundtrack) was made. Like other Image Albums, these songs were created before the animated film was completed, but rather than being based off concept art or comics, Hisaishi-san was instructed to create these works with the concept of "making songs which children really want and can sing out loud with their mouth widely opened." 
  • This limited-edition reissue features 10 tracks, a 16-page booklet with drawings and sheet music, obi strip, and illustrated cover by Miyazaki. 

Size (cm): 32 x 32 x 1 

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