Top Screen 2015 - DVD


Top Screen 2015 is a collection of engaging, challenging and thought-provoking films. In 2014 VCE Media students excelled by producing work in a range of genres and styles, including documentary, narrative, music video and animation.

The films on this DVD were selected for Top Screen 2015 and screened between 5 March and 15 May 2015 at ACMI. They were also shown as part of Top Designs 2015 at Museum Melbourne.

Alanna Raif - The Runaway
Jemma Hogan - Thief
Vinh Vo - Sherbet
Arielle Swann - Gasp
Tony Iaria - Glen
Conor Jamieson - Regret
Meg Duncan - Come In From The Cold
Corey Atkinson - Carrington Park: A Couple's Journey
Ryan Stewart - Folie à Deux
Anna Diacos - The Subjects
Kii Belling - Lean
Charles Richardson - Stolen
Samuel Bennett - Albert

Region Code: ALL / PAL

Rating: M. Violence, coarse language and drug use