Top Screen 2016 - DVD


Top Screen 2016 is a collection of engaging, challenging and thought-provoking films produced by VCE Media students in 2015.

This 3-disc set contains the Top Screen 2016 program and special features, including Top Screen education sessions and student production design plans.

Disc 1: Films

Ameya Ajay - Wave
James Nolan - Rotten Monster
Dane Knowles - A New Era
Julia Thissen - Pressure
Lara Nguyen - Introspection
Elle Richards - To Murder a Mouse
Matthew Dixon - High Hopes
Bharatha Gangasani - Rahasya
Bridget Webster - One Man's Trash
Bailey Cook - 10
Jack Wilson-Lee - The Panda
Elliott Bolt - Meathead

Disc 2: Special Features

How Did You Do It? 
Four Top Screen filmmakers, Lara Nguyen, Ameya Ajay, Bridget Webster and Jack Wilson-Lee, discuss their challenges and successes in creating a film for their VCE. 

How Do I Do It?
Assessment and criteria tips and all your queries answered, How Do I Do It? is a sessions presented by Brett Lamb, the State Reviewer for Media. 

Disc 3: Production Design Plans

Top Screen 2016 filmmakers' production design plans. This disc contains PDFs that are viewable on a computer. 

Region Code: ALL / PAL

Rating: M. Mature themes, violence and coarse language