Women Make Horror - Softcover


“Women do love watching scary films. It’s been proven, and they’ve done all the tests. The demographics are half men, half women. And we know fear. It’s not like we can’t explore the subject.” – Jennifer Kent

  • Women Make Horror studies women practitioners in the film industry and sets right the assumptions about women and the horror genre. 
  • Women have always made horror. They have always been an audience for the genre, and today, as this book reveals, women academics, critics, and filmmakers alike remain committed to a film genre that offers almost unlimited opportunities for exploring and deconstructing social and cultural constructions of gender, femininity, sexuality, and the body. 
  • It explores narrative and experimental cinema, short, anthology and feature-filmmaking, and offers case studies of North American, Latin American, European, East Asian and Australian filmmakers, films and festivals. 

With this book, we can transform how we think about women filmmakers and genre. 

Pages: 270 

Published: September 2020

Size (cm): 15.5 x 23.5 x 2

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