Do Hope - Softcover


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  • Gail Muller, a chronic pain sufferer, was told to ‘give up hope’ of a recovery and accept that she would be in a wheelchair by 40. She refused. She eventually found a cure and went on to walk the legendary Appalachian Trail. But what is hope? And why do we need it now more than ever?
  • In this book, Gail shares her own story of survival and what she has learnt: that hope is not just a platitude, it’s a powerful and energising catalyst towards better days. A light in the dark. But sometimes hope can fade – and if that happens, how do we get it back? In Do Hope you will: Meet the Three Musketeers: resilience, perseverance and self-worth, Develop tools to feel reinvigorated and realigned, Discover what really makes you happy, Appreciate how helping others can lift you too
  • For those times when we feel adrift, challenged or face adversity, Do Hope will help us keep the flame of hope alive.

Pages: 144

Size (cm): 12 x 17.8

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