Red Carpet Oscars - Hardcover


  • Who inspired Marilyn Monroe’s signature bombshell look? What did Jane Fonda wear in protest of the Vietnam War? What was the symbolism behind Halle Berry’s dress for her 2002 Oscar win?
  • The red carpet is so much more than fabulous gowns on famous people; it reflects the styles and values of each era and has become a platform to make social statements
  • Red Carpet Oscars presents over ninety years of fashion worn at the event since its inception in 1929, charting what the stars wore and why. From homemade and pre-loved dresses to ready-to-wear and haute couture, it tracks the style evolution of Hollywood’s leading stars, the commercialisation of the red carpet and the radical shifts that reshaped formal dressing
  • This comprehensive chronological survey showcases a thousand looks across almost a century. In addition to carefully curated images of the most iconic and inspiring outfits, each entry reveals the stories behind the looks along with the social and political influences of the time
  • Fashion writer Dijanna Mulhearn has compiled the ultimate resource that celebrates both the glamour and the impact of Hollywood’s most famous red carpets

Pages: 480

Published: January 2023

Size (cm): 22.4 x 29.9 x 4.5

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