Deep Fakes And The Infocalypse - Softcover


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  • Everything you need to know about "deepfakes" and what could become the biggest information and communications meltdown in world history
  • Deep Fakes are coming, and we are not ready. Advanced AI technology is now able to create video of people doing things they never did, in places they have never been, saying things they never said. In the hands of rogue states, terrorists, criminals or crazed individuals, they represent a disturbing new threat to democracy and personal liberty
  • Deep Fakes can be misused to shift public opinion, swing Presidential elections, or blackmail, coerce, and silence individuals. And when combined with the destabilising overload of disinformation that has been dubbed 'the Infocalypse', we are potentially facing a danger of world-changing proportions
  • Deep Fakes and the Infocalypse is International Political Technology Advisor Nina Schick's stark warning about a future we all need to understand before it's too late
  • Deep Fake technology at its most insidious can currently be seen in the BBC drama series The Capture

Pages: 224

Published: August 2020

Size (cm): 12.6 x 19.8 x 1.5

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