A Fascinating Plan - Softcover


  • Let’s say it hasn’t rained for days and suddenly it starts raining. There’s a Toyota Prius in a wet car park, which is glistening in the rain. Sometimes the car’s combustion engine is running and sometimes it uses electricity. Let’s say a woman rubs her hair with amber, she gets charged up, inviting us ... to an electric kiss. The punk band Carambolage sings, 'The darkness is what is so alluring.'
  • What does the electrification of villages and teenagers have to do with Lomonosov’s soup, which mustn’t be allowed to get cold? What do the following have in common: a Tesla motor digging up Bitcoins, the witch's electric warp from the Sailor Moon universe, and the self-immolation of two young women on the banks of the Rhine?
  • This book is a power plant. It is fuelled by long-cherished interests and new obsessions.

A Fascinating Plan is all about energy. Part of the video installation with the same title produced for the Ruhrfestspiele 2021 in cooperation with the Munich Kammerspiele.

Pages: 120

Published: May 2021

Size (cm): 13.6 x 19.5

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