Dreams Come True: The Art Of Disney's Classic Fairy Tales - Softcover


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  • From November 2010 to April 2011, ACMI hosted a unique exhibition drawn from the archives of the Walt Disney Animation Research Library.
  • It was Walt Disney's belief that "The fairy tale of film - created with the magic of animation - is the modern equivalent of the great parables of the Middle Ages." Moreover, he felt strongly that he could "translate the ancient fairy tale into its modern equivalent without losing the lovely patina and the savour of its once-upon-a-time quality." Over the centuries and between cultures, fairy tales have always evolved to best convey their messages to contemporary audiences. Despite this perpetual evolution and Walt's best intentions, some literary critics were unwilling to accept the change from written to cinematic form and have harshly judged the expression of Disney's vision
  • This catalogue compares traditional fairy tales to the adaptations made by The Walt Disney Studios for the movie screen. The films span eighty years from the shorts created as part of Silly Symphonies series to Tangled, the latest Disney animated feature. Production notes for each film and all types of animation art are featured along with the original fairy tales, allowing readers to come to their own conclusions about the transformation of these classic stories

Pages: 128

Published: 2010

Size (cm): 22.9 x 28.5 x 1

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