Mono.Kultur #38: Gus Van Sant - Softcover


  • Gus van Sant offers us a profoundly humane view of the world. It is a cinema defined by tenderness and slowness, preferring to observe rather than manipulate. A cinema of gaps and open endings, where mood reigns over meaning, where what we see and hear doesn’t quite add up, leaving us wondering
  • In a suitably meandering interview with mono.kultur, Gus van Sant talked about his second chance as a director, inventing films on the spot and why Hollywood always wins
  • Visually, the issue is heavily influenced by Gus van Sant’s quiet cinematic style, submitting itself to an endless horizon of American landscapes, leaving ample space to words, skies, and the occasional figure drifting into sight

Pages: 44

Published: 2014

Size (cm): 15 x 20 x 0.5

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