Proof - Softcover

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  • Proof: The act of seeing with one's own eyes was an exhibition presented at ACMI from the 9th of December 2004 to the 13th of Feb 2005
  • This major exhibition questions how we construct and deconstruct truth through the moving image, and confirms that evidence alone isn't proof. As much an investigation as exhibition, Proof questions how consensus is formed. When our personal information is available for purchase online and when digital manipulation means that seeing has never been further from believing, how do we construct and deconstruct truth? How do you know what you know? From weapons of mass destruction to children overboard, the testimony of vision is no small matter in contemporary politics
  • Taking Stan Brakhage's haunting dissection of mortality The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes as its point of departure, this exhibition questions how we negotiate reality through the moving image and confirms that evidence alone isn't proof
  • This accompanying publication, edited by Mike Stubbs, features works from Stan Brakhage, Ross Gibson, Miranda July, Nizar Jabour, Jay Rosenblatt and more. 

Pages: 95

Published: 2004

Size (cm): 20.5 x 27 x 0.7

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