Shaun Gladwell: Stereo Sequences - Softcover

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  • Shaun Gladwell erupted onto the Australian art scene with the 2000 video work Storm Sequence , a self-portrait in which the artist is skateboarding in extreme slow-motion as a storm brews over Bondi Beach. He has since developed an international reputation for his evocative large-scale video works, photographs and sculptures and represented Australia at the Venice Biennale in 2009
  • Gladwell uses filmic devices such as slow-motion and long pans to capture both tightly choreographed and improvised performances by breakdancers, skateboarders and BMX bike riders in a combination of rural and city settings in Australia, Japan, Brazil, France and Afghanistan. The resulting works, which he describes as "performative landscapes" are both rhythmic and poetic – distorting speed, gravity, space and time; exploring visual and spatial paradoxes
  • ACMI commissioned Gladwell to develop an ambitious new body of work. The resulting exhibition, Shaun Gladwell: Stereo Sequences, presented at ACMI in 2011, featured a suite of new pieces that explored duality, parallels and mirroring – a series of "open experiments" that combined and expanded on the themes of Gladwell's career

Pages: 62

Published: 2011

Size (cm): 24 x 20.8 x 0.8

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