Studio Ghibli: Laputa: Castle in the Sky USA Version Soundtrack 2 Vinyl


  • Official Japanese import
  • Music - Joe Hisaishi 23 tracks in total
  • Double jacket (SIDE-A, B and C contain music, SIDE-C has laser etched characters on the back)
  • This is the U.S. version of the soundtrack that was released on DVD in the US in 2003.
  •  Joe Hisaishi re-recorded the soundtrack with new arrangements and added new songs.

Track List
1 Prologue~Flaptors Attack
2 The Girl Who Fell from the sky (Main Theme)
3 The Levitation Crystal
4 Morning in the Mining Village
5 Pazu’s Fanfare
6 The Legend of Laputa
7 A Street Brawl
8 The Chase
9 Floating with the Crystal
10 Memories of Gondoa

1 Stones Glowing in the Darkness
2 Disheartened Pazu
3 Robot Soldiers ~Resurrection-Rescue~
4 Dola and the Pirates
5 Confessions in the Moonlight
6 The Dragon’s Nest

1 The Lost Paradise
2 The Forgotten Robot Soldier
3 The Invasion of Goliath
4 Pazu Fights Back
5 The Final Showdown
6 The Destruction of Laputa (Choral Version)
7 The Eternal Tree of Life

Size (cm): 32 x 32 x 0.5

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