The Art Of My Neighbour Totoro - Hardcover


  • Eleven-year-old Satsuki and her sassy little sister Mei are overjoyed about moving into a historic country house with teir dad - but the girls don't realise what a delightful adventure awaits them there. While exploring their sprawling home and the beautiful rural area that surrounds it, Satsuki & Mei meet Granny,a sweet old woman, and her timid grandson Kanta. They also experience firsthand the magic of the Soot Sprites,mysterious creatures that live in the walls, and discover a huge camphor tree that just might be enchanted...
  • This art book is a generous collection of concept sketches, fully rendered character and background drawings, paintings and cell images
  • Meet the novel's principal characters and read interviews and comments with the production staff

Pages: 176

Published: November 2005

Size (cm): 21 x 29.8 x 2.0

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