Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla OST - 2 LP Vinyl


  • Mondo & Toho present Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla
  • Pressed on 140g eco vinyl
  • Terror in Tokyo! Godzilla is back and is determined to cause as much damage as possible in GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA. After the "Big G" delivers a crippling blow to the JXSDF (Japanese Xenomorph Self-Defence Force), the government decides to build a new weapon to defeat Godzilla. Their solution: Kiryu, aka Mechagodzilla, a metal monster packed with all the firepower needed to put Godzilla down. But things go awry when Kiryu malfunctions and turns on the JXSDF, thanks to it's use of the original Godzilla's DNA. Can they get back control and put an end to the "Big G"?
  • Selected to score GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA was Michiru Oshima (GODZILLA VS MEGAGUIRUS, STAR WARS: VISIONS), who brought an exciting and heroic musical aesthetic to the film. Employing the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Oshima's music sounds as enormous and powerful as the kaiju themselves, with a new menacing theme for Godzilla that uses the lower registers to bring across the monsters immense force. In contrast, Oshima's theme for Kiryu uses high brass for an almost superheroic feel, with both themes working beautifully in counterpoint to each other when the two titans have their rumble. As scary as it is thrilling, Michiru Oshima's GODZILLA AGAINST MECHAGODZILLA is one of the most significant scores to emerge from the hallowed halls of Toho.


1. Transport Duty
2. Godzilla Lands - Godzilla X the Special Defense Forces
3. Maser Cannon Blow
4. Main Title
5. Ominous Memories
6. Memorial Service
7. Appearance Requested
8. The Skeleton of Godzilla
9. Leaving School
10. Akane's Great Effort - Kiryu's Construction
11. Return - the Kiryu Squad
12. Intense Training
13. Akane and Sara
14. Announcement Ceremony for Type3 Kiryu
15. Mobilization
16. Godzilla X Type3 Kiryu
17. Awaking
18. Running Wild
19. Crash of the AC-3 White Heron
20. Functions Stop
21. Investigation Into the Cause
22. Trust Sara's Thoughts
23. Godzilla Detected - Interception
24. The Prime Minister's Decision
25. Flying
26. Intense Fighting I

1. Intense Fighting II
2. Absolute Zero
3. Akane's Resilience
4. Power Outage
5. Reactivation - Kiryu's Will
6. Crisis - Decisive Battle
7. Godzilla Immortal - the End of the Fight
8. End Credits
9. Salute! - Ending

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