Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: 30th Anniversary Memorial - 2LP Vinyl


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  • A very popular Japanese manga series 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon' from the '90s will have it's first-ever 12-inch Vinyl Record (2 Disc Set) to celebrate it's 30th anniversary!
  • Disc 1 includes the opening and ending theme songs from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon's anime TV series in the '90s such as 'Moonlight Legend' and 'Sailor Star Song' as well as theme songs from the 'Sailor Moon R' which is regarded as a masterpiece in anime history, 'Sailor Moon S', and 'Sailor Moon SuperS' series. 
  • Disc 2 includes 'MOON PRIDE', the opening song from the 2014 anime 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal', 'Season 3: Death Busters', and the opening and ending theme songs from the 2021 film 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie', the first Sailor Moon movie in 25 years.
  • The 12-inch Vinyl Record (2 Disc Set) comes with a double LP gatefold jacket with illustrations from the '90s anime series 'Sailor Moon Eternal', and colored vinyl records with an image of 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon'.

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