Zdenek Liska: Mala Morska Vila - LP Vinyl


  • A stunning soundtrack from the glory days of the Czech film scene – served up here in a weird mix of electronics, orchestrations, and voices – all at a level that makes you feel like someone went into the sound labs of the Italian scene of the early 70s, cut up all the tapes from the bigger names, and pasted them back together in some mad musical pastiche! There's a fair bit of all-electronic numbers that are spare and striking – almost musique concrete – mixed with others that have a more melodic vibe – all served up in short tunes that really shift the mood over the course of the set.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Malá morská víla
  • A2. Witch’s Firewall
  • A3. Pearls From The Deep
  • A4. King Of The Ocean
  • A5. The Pendant | The Little Mermaid (Theme)
  • A6. The Song Of The Siren (Theme)
  • A7. The Sixth Sister
  • A8. Statue Of Salt 1
  • A9. Aquatic Babicka (Theme)
  • A10. In Safe Hands
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Statue Of Salt
  • B2. Aquatic Babicka (Song)
  • B3. The Black Sea
  • B4. Carodejnice’s Castle
  • B5. The Song Of The Siren (Song)
  • B6. Prince Of The Southern Empire
  • B7. Games | Echoes
  • B8. The Kiss
  • B9. Ascension To Fireworks
  • B10. Bird In A Cage
  • B11. The Voice
  • B12. Behind The Rock
  • B13. Sunken Dagger | The Little Mermaid (Song)
  • B14. The Pendant

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