Archer Magazine Vol 14 - Softcover


  • The 'Growing Up' Issue
  • "Growing up isn’t just about popping pimples and trying new things. Growing up is about finding a better world, confronting the realities of life and realising the people in power are incompetent. Growing up is about disappointment, guilt, community, love, and recognising privilege and systematic oppression. Growing up is about creating your space." - Lucy Watson, editor-in-chief
  • This special edition of Archer Magazine features a series of articles on growing and discovering, to help us all find our way, regardless of our age

Archer Magazine is an award-winning print publication about sexuality, gender and identity. It is published twice-yearly in Melbourne, Australia, with a focus on lesser-heard voices and the uniqueness of our experiences.

Pages: 116

Size (cm): 21 x 28 x 0.5

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