Better Together: (33) Documents Of Contemporary Australian Architecture - Softcover


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  • To understand how architecture is both built and practiced today, we often think of drawings and plans, digital visualisations and 3D models. Or, perhaps the tired 'napkin sketch' and its romantic progenitor, the architect's hand. However, these processes represent only a small portion of the full story
  • Better Together: 33 Documents of Contemporary Australian Architecture & Their Associated Short Stories does just that-examines 33 artefacts surrounding the design and construction of contemporary Australian buildings. The book's definition of architectural documents is expansive, encompassing not just working drawings, but correspondence, mock-ups and contracts, 1:1 models and conceptual sculptures, journalism, photography and other formats that expose the unique processes of contemporary architectural production
  • Through short stories, authors Guillermo Fernández-Abascal, Kate Finning, Urtzi Grau and Anna Tonkin contextualise documents from practitioners including Andrew Power, Edition Office, panovscott, Parlour, Richard Stampton, Sibling, Studio Bright, Trias, Vokes and Peters to unravel the artefacts' inner lives
  • Contributions by Giovanna Borasi, Bruther (Stéphanie Bru), Sarah Hearne, Adam Jasper and Emma Letizia Jones, Erika Nakagawa, and Jesús Vassallo explore the potent conventions of gallery display, the value of big models and mock-ups, the multilayered relationships between photography and architecture, and the theatrics of the architect's studio
  • Originally presented as an exhibition at Monash University's MADA Gallery, this cross-section of the work of Australian architects highlights the best and most innovative in the field. It also presents a new blueprint for how we structure, document and understand contemporary Australian architecture

Pages: 106

Published: 2022

Size (cm): 17 x 24

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