Bridget Riley - Hardcover


  • Bridget Riley: Paintings 1984–2020 -  Texts Éric de Chassey, Robert Kudielka
  • Bridget Riley’s art is fueled by the artist’s fascination with forms and colors from the history of painting, in which she finds new harmonies and meanings when she abstracts colors from their original figurative purposes. With each painting series, she arrives at new results—and this book, her fifth at Holzwarth Publications, introduces her latest ones: the Intervals, broad horizontal stripes in shades of a grayed green, violet, orange, and turquoise standing on a white background
  • The arrangement does not follow strict rules: “When it has become clear that there is no stable intellectual principle behind the permutations,” Éric de Chassey writes in his essay, “the mind and eye can engage in and accept the harmony of the whole picture, established as it has been by the rhythm of changes in its units.” The series Measure for Measure is held in similar tones, but as the composition is built from colored circles, the paintings have a more airy, floating character, each color also standing on its own
  • In the exhibition at all three venues of Galerie Max Hetzler in Berlin, these new works are related to earlier canvases and wall paintings dating back to 1984. It becomes clear that Riley’s works are always both a stocktaking of what she has achieved already and preparatory work for future paintings

Pages: 78

Published: February 2021

Size (cm): 24 x 30 x 1.5

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