Bruno: Spoerri: Der Wurger Vom Tower LP Vinyl


  • Premiere unveiling of Bruno Spoerri’s ‘60s thriller score, including cool and deadly jazz breaks and plenty of brooding choral cues and eerie organ vamps, of the ilk famously sampled by rap producers from Spoerri’s abundant catalogue.
  • Cult Swiss electronics wizard Spoerri's legendary 1966 horror jazz soundtrack is finally available, and of course it's essential. Anyone familiar with his Finders Keepers run should know what to expect: chilly organs, low-slung bass, splattery synths, and more peak sample material than Madlib's USB stick.
  • Rare groove archaeologists, you're gonna wanna clap yer mitts on this. Since its original release, Spoerri's soundtrack to spooky thriller "Der Würger vom Tower" has been locked away, much like the film itself. Now Finders Keepers have managed to do the work required to shuffle it back to the shelves and it's unsurprisingly another jerky, eccentric slab from the Swiss mad genius. The sheer quantity of sample-ready sounds offered here is stunning - peeping cues like 'Flashlight/The Whole Finger' or 'Staircase Strangler/Headlines For Harry' is like hearing Quasimoto demos minus Madlib's helium-voiced ad-libs.
  • Ranging from urgent 1960s Euro jazz silliness ('Jane Flees') to childish electronics ('Crashed Jag/Raymond's Revuebar/Scotch & Pancakes') and psychedelic church music ('There's A Devious Religious Sect Underneath The Tower Of London'), "Der Würger vom Tower" is a colorful, genre-melted addition to the Spoerri canon that further illustrates why the composer holds such status in OST land.

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