Conversations - Softcover


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“My job as an editor is to gently prod the attention of the audience to look at various parts of the frame. And that - I do that by manipulating how and where I cut and what succession of images I work with.” – Walter Murch.

  • The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film
  • During the filming of his celebrated novel The English Patient, Michael Ondaatje became increasingly fascinated as he watched the veteran editor Walter Murch at work.
  • The Conversations, which grew out of discussions between the two men, is about the craft of filmmaking and deals with every aspect of film, from the first stage of scriptwriting to the final stage of the sound mix.
  • Articulate, intellectual, humorous, and passionate about his craft and its devices, Murch brings his vast experience and penetrating insights to bear as he explains how films are made, how they work, how they go wrong and how they can be saved. His experience on Apocalypse Now - both originally and more recently when the film was completely re-cut - and his work with Anthony Minghella on The English Patient provide illuminating highlights.

Pages: 384

Published: January 2009

Size (cm): 18 x 21 x 2

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