Death Line - Hardcover


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  • A cave-in during construction of the London Underground seals a group of workers in forever. Abandoned to their own devices they feed on each other to survive.
    Transformed by plague, incest, and disease their descendents emerge as cannibalistic beings with a language 
    of only three words: “MIND THE DOORS!”
  • As the last of the underground men loses his mate to a wasting disease he is compelled to seek food, and a new bride, from the platforms above.
    With his debut feature, Gary Sherman —like George Romero, Wes Craven and Tobe Hooper—channels his despair and anger at the cultural and political zeitgeist to create a confront-ational low-budget genre movie that lashes out at the conservative establishment. 
    In every possible way DEATH LINE is an ‘underground’ classic.

Published: Sept 2017

Pages: 118

Limited edition. Limited to 500 copies


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