Deep Space: Sensation & Immersion - Softcover


  • Presented by ACMI in collaboration with ART Gallery NSW, Deep Space: Sensation & Immersion was an exhibition of contemporary art that utilised screen technologies. It included the work of international and Australian artists, each of whom were interested in the notions of space, time, movement and the journey
  • The title of the exhibition Deep Space: Sensation & Immersion referred to a set of spatial journeys that have been realised through media such as light, video, film and digital media. In many of the works, the viewer encountered art through sight, touch, sound, voice and physical movement. The audience was invited to immerse themselves in the wonder of the spaces, to explore their physical construction, their digital presence, their filmic pulse and their saturated expanses of colour and light
  • This exhibition of Australian and international works was developed out of an earlier exhibition entitled Space Odysseys: Sensation & Immersion held at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, in 2001. Deep Space combined many of the installations from the original exhibition along with films and videos from ACMI's collection
  • The accompanying catalogue features work from Bruce Nauman, James Turrell, Lynette Wallworth, Luc Courchesne and more. 

Pages: 80

Published: 2001

Size (cm): 21 x 25.9 x 1

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