DNA 11: What Is Life? - Softcover


  • 'What Is Life?' is a question that has haunted the life sciences since Gottfried Treviranus and Jean-Baptiste Lamarck independently coined the word 'biology' in 1802. The query has titled scores of articles and books, with Erwin Schrödinger’s in 1944 and Lynn Margulis & Dorion Sagan’s in 1995 being only the most prominent ones
  • In this book, biogroop curate and speculate upon a collection of first pages of publications from 1829–2020 containing 'What Is Life?' in their titles. Replies to the question – and, by extension, the object of biology – have transformed since its first enunciation, from 'the sum of the functions that resist death' to 'a bioinformation system' to 'edible, lovable, lethal'. Interleaved are frame-shifting interruptions reflecting on how the question has been posed, answered, and may yet be unasked

Pages: 168

Published: 2022

Size (cm): 15 x 23

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