Do Deal - Softcover


  • We negotiate constantly. In work, and in life. As we try to get the 'best deal', it can feel like a tug of war – without the fun. Yet what if the process was more collaborative, and even laid the foundations for a strong future relationship?
  • In Do Deal, music lawyers Richard Hoare and Andrew Gummer share their refreshing approach to negotiation. Not only has it led to major record deals and enduring creative partnerships, but also a reputation for getting the deal done without leaving both parties bruised and battered. Now, they will help you to:
    • Identify your natural negotiating style
    • Develop strategies to deal with difficult situations (and people)
    • Build trust and negotiate more collaboratively
    • Think creatively to enrich deal terms
  • With case studies from Glastonbury Festival and films such as True Grit, this is an essential read before any negotiation. Soon you'll be approaching the bargaining table with new skills and greater confidence, regardless of the cards you're holding. Deal?

Pages: 128

Published: March 2022

Size (cm): 12 x 17.8 x 1.8

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