Does The Media Fail Aboriginal Political Aspirations? - Softcover


"No matter what I say, I can’t do credit to the brave attempt this book has made to chart a very complex set of issues that have helped shape and often distort our history." - Kerry O'Brien

  • Does The Media Fail Aboriginal Political Aspirations? 45 years of news media reporting of key political moments
  • For too long Australia's media has failed to communicate Aboriginal political aspirations. This unique study of key Aboriginal initiatives seeking self-determination and justice reveals a history of media procrastination and denial.
  • A team of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal researchers examine 45 years of media responses to these initiatives, from the 1972 Larrakia petition to the Queen seeking land rights and treaties, to the desire for recognition expressed in the 2017 Uluru Statement from the Heart.
  • This analysis exposes how the media frames stories, develops discourses and supports deeper historical narratives that corrode and undermine the intent and urgency of Aboriginal aspirations, through approaches ranging from sympathetic stalling to patronising parodies.

        This book can be used by media professionals to improve their practices, by Aboriginal communities to test media truth-telling and by anyone seeking to understand how Aboriginal desires and hopes have been expressed, and represented, in recent Australian political history.

        Pages: 280

        Published: February 2020

        Size (cm): 17 x 25 x 1.5

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