Dogs In Space: A Film Archive - Softcover


“I was then hit by a bolt of lightning, sat up suddenly and said, ‘And of course there’s the film that me and Michael are doing..!’ Michael looked up in a vague stupor and said, ‘We are?’, ‘Yeah, it’s all about this young girl who comes into a household full of hippies and punks and other assorted weirdos in the late seventies’, ‘That’s right, and then there’s…' Michael and myself began to ad-lib the storyline, which wasn’t bad since we hadn’t discussed it at all up to that moment.’ – Richard Lowenstein, excerpt from Dogs in Space production diary.

  • Dogs in Space: A Film Archive presents for the first time the candid (and entertaining) shoot diary, kept by Lowenstein over the course of conceiving, funding and making the film between 1984 and 1987. 
  • The highly illustrated volume showcases never-before-seen contact sheets, wardrobe polaroids and a stunning collection of images from on set and behind the scenes featuring Hutchence, Saskia Post and other cast (including Deanna Bond and a young Noah Taylor) and crew, storyboards, fragments of the shooting script and continuity logs.
  • In addition, the book features a selection of ephemera, memorabilia - including fan mail sent to Lowenstein - and extracts from previously inaccessible reviews and articles about the film.

Pages: 320

Published: August 2019

Size (cm): 20 x 25 x 3

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