Do Present - Softcover



  • Who would have thought that being able to stand up and present ideas would become a key business skill? Possibly one of the top three skills we need? And why do we all hate doing it so much?
  • Presentations are simple things, but not easy. We convince ourselves that we’re not very good at standing up and speaking. Odd given we do it everyday. Yet on stage, we become this other person: less funny, less engaging, less human. 
  • Do Present will help you remove the ogre that’s stopping you becoming an eloquent public speaker. You will: 
    • Find your voice and the confidence to share it
    • Learn how to tell stories, not just share data
    • Stand and move around the stage comfortably
    • Leave the audience informed, entertained and uplifted 

Becoming a great speaker is not about following a method. It’s not about rules. It’s about finding your authentic voice. It’s about understanding what you want the audience to do, or feel, afterwards. Ultimately, it’s about being more you. 

Pages: 128 

Published: July 2020

Size (cm): 12 x 17.8 x 1.5

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