Double Exposures - Softcover



  • David Rosetzky's use of the double-exposure (running the same roll of film through a camera, and exposing it twice) results in a single, combined image that is created through a process of chance – and the random placement of pictorial elements within the frame. 
  • Different bodies overlap with a range of both abstract and figurative elements – string, plants, architectural features, other bodies and faces – which often cross over the designated demarcations of the individual camera frame.
  • This process enables a fluid and hybrid approach to representation – and is suggestive of relative and shifting states of being and ways of looking that extends beyond conventional portrait formats. The ongoing series of work explores new ways of representing queer, non-binary, and marginal identities through photography. 

This exquisite limited-edition book, designed by Anna Zagala/Sweet Polka brings together 45 photographs by artist David Rosetzky accompanied by an essay from Dr. Shaune Lakin, Senior Curator of Photography at the National Gallery of Australia, and a Q & A between David Rosetzky and fellow artist Hoda Afshar.

Pages: 116

Published: February 2021 

Size (cm): 17 x 24 x 0.5 

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